Who is Your Best Friend in Winters?

I used to love winter till I didn’t become a mom. Once I was reborn as a mom my likes and dislikes changed dramatically. Now I hate winters.

Winters bring with it ill-health for kids. Cough, cold, fever, viral become a common phenomena.  No matter how many layers of clothing you wrap the child into the winter sickness seems to creep in anyhow. Then the child will be in distress and so will I.

The worst scenario is even if I take lots of care of my child still it isn’t enough to protect him from the winter illnesses. The moment he step out of the house and comes in contact with any other child who is suffering from cough or cold, the virus spreads and he catches cold too.

Now, I can’t stop him from going out. I can’t stop him from living his life.

This time around, I took all the precautions – layers of warm clothing, heaters on all the time, warm food but I again failed to protect him.

It was Christmas and I had to visit a relative for they had arranged a Christmas party at their home. However, reluctant I was to go, I had to go. It was a fun party – good food, lots of masti and even gifts.

However, all the merry and fun came ended the next morning. Attu got up in the morning cranky. When I held him in my arms, I realized he was a little warm. Kids are usually arm when they get up but today was unusual and within a few hours coughing and sneezing began. We called up the doctor and he messaged a regular medicine, asked us t wait for three days and come back if he wasn’t feeling well.

Those three days were bad. He was not eating well, he was not sleeping well and he wasn’t himself. He was sleeping too much under the influence of medication. And don’t even ask about how cranky he was.

After three days we took him to the doctor who told us that on an average one child is falling sick within 20-25 days. Such is the bad weather and nature of viral which is infectious. He asked us to stay from crowded places like malls and theatres and not to take the child close to an infected person.

Attu was put on nebulizer treatment for a week. He slowly recovered. I vouched not to take him out till winters are here. I can’t see him sick. Seeing my over cautious behaviour my friend asked me be prepared beforehand.

Prepared for winters? How? I wanted to know all about it.

So, it is about building your child’s immunity. If your child is strong from inside then he won’t catch infections easily. Dabur Chyawanprash is one thing that should be given every day in winters. That sounded logical, easy and trust me, works like a magic!

I vouch by it anytime. Now Dabur Chyawanprash is my best winter friend. My child also loves it for it tastes yum.


2 thoughts on “Who is Your Best Friend in Winters?

  1. Chyawanprash , I think I miss that for my children here in London. Miss so many things from India too. But great to see more Indian blogs that give me some nostalgic memories of India. Have a great writing journey ahead. Dear sister Githanjali


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