A healthy child = A happy home

A home is complete with a child. You know why? It is because of the innocent happiness and unconditional love that they spread around.

I sometimes think how vulnerable and how dependent a child is on us. If we miss a cue of pain, uneasiness or hunger, the child suffers. When I became a mom, the first thought that crossed my mind was how I will know if my child is in pain. Trust me; it is the most difficult task. Infact a child is known to give wrong cues too.

My experience

Let me tell you my own experience. We were posted to Uttarkashi and were travelling from Delhi. It was a difficult journey. A six month old baby, pathetic roads, long journey and on arrival a messed up house – nothing less than a nightmare!

I am sure many would concur with me that shifting a house is no easy task. So much mess around, packing and unpacking….Ah! Never ending crib of an Army wife!

I had no choice but to leave my baby with the maid and get onto the task of putting the house in order. Attu, my son was a bit cranky and warm when he got up in the morning. I had already consulted the doctor before starting on the journey and I was prepared for this. It was expected that travel fatigue will cause mild fever. I gave him the prescribed medicine and within sometime he was his normal self; giggling and playing around.

I got busy with house management. Around evening, while he was playing, he slipped a bit and hit on the remote lying on the bed. He started crying. As I was sitting besides I knew it was not much. I picked him up and tried to cuddle him. One moment he was crying loud and the other moment he fell dead silent, he was gasping for breath, tightening his fists and rolling his eyes. I went mad. I was shouting for help. I didn’t know what is happening. My hubby picked him up and started running towards the hospital. I was just crying and shouting. Frankly, I thought I lost him.

This is the worst feeling a parent can have.

However, it turned out that he had high fever and because he fell it was kind of a shock. Both combined together he couldn’t get his breath properly.

He was back to his playful self within an hour.

Such are the kids.

Lesson learnt

I learnt a lesson though – health of a child is the most important thing. As long as he is healthy, my home is happy. The moment even a slightest of health problem happens, as small as a running nose, my house gets upside down.

Yes, health is wealth and I will do everything to keep my child healthy. Inculcate healthy habits, healthy food and healthy lifestyle. The lesson starts from now itself.


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