Migrated my blog to a brand new website

It’s been long I was thinking of having my own website. Feels like owing a small property in this big bad online world.

So finally I have my own website, my baby and I have named it Travel By Karma

Though the website is new and more organized but the content style is same and the writer is still me but with a new enthusiasm.

Do visit my website and shower your love as you have always done.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Do check out my latest posts –

Janmashtami Festival Celebrations in India’s Small Cities

When we were kids Janmashtami festival celebrations was an event of hyper excitement and enthusiasm. Jhanki decoration ideas, planning, material collection and execution began days in ahead. Door to door fund collection and daily practice for the cultural program was our top priority. Ah! Gone are the days of such elementariness and excitement.

Well, this year I was invited to a Janmashtami festival celebrations organized by Uttarkashi Police and it brought back such nostalgic. The simplicity, youth involvement and reverence in Janamashtmi festival celebration as seen here can only be found in a small city.


Tranquebar, a Dutch town near Chennai

Neha, my best friend came to Chennai to visit us. She is the only friend who  dared to come and meet us atleast once in our place of posting, be it far flung remote area of Arunachal Pradesh and getting bitten by a weird insect at midnight or the hip and happening Chandigarh, The city beautifulor the terror stricken Kaluchak area in Jammu. This time in Chennai it was all about beaches andmasti.

The itinerary for the Chennai visit included beach hopping; relishing South Indian food and a must do visit to Pondicherry. But Neha was not an easy one to please and she demanded more, she wanted to explore more.  She sat for hours on Google researching and then theatrically declared;”Let’s go to Tranquebar”

Eh? Tranquebar (I gave an unconvinced expression)

Neha assertively enunciated;” Tranquebar is a Dutch town near Chennai”.

On Neha’s conviction and my initial hesitation we set out for Tranquebar

Trekking in Uttarakhand To Shikar Varnavat

I never thought I will complete this trek. It rained heavily the night before and trekking in Uttarakhand rains is no joke though it has its own charm. The trek was a walk through the swampy dense forest and then up the straight mountain at 8000 feet. The expected reward on completing the trek was meeting a Sanyasi who has been living at Shikhar Varnavat since 18 years and surreal view of the mountains.

Uttarkashi, a district town in Uttarakhand has many good treks. Infact you can just climb any mountain or walk the offbeat route and you are bound to explore something fascinating. On a bright Sunday morning I set on my trek to the Shikar Varnavat which is Mahidanda. There are two ways to reach Shikar Varnavat – one the normal path which takes more time and the other through the restricted land of ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) and is more scenic.

Looking forward to having you there.

And, thanks again for reading and appreciating my blogs. Without your initial support I wouldn’t have ventured higher.



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