The 3B Party – Baby, Biryani and Bollywood

It’s been 10 years and my sister is struggling to have a baby. 5 miscarriages, 2 failed IVF and the hope still continues.

I am confident didi will surely get answers to all her prayers soon, very soon. And when that day comes I will throw her a grand saadh party, where friends, relatives and well-wishers collect together to bless the to-be mom and the baby. This function is Bengali equivalent to baby shower or godhbharai. More than anything else this function is symbolic of transition from womanhood to motherhood. A feeling that every woman long to experience J

And yes, it is positive thoughts like this that motivates us to fight against all storms. So, today ITC’s  Kitchen of India will help me plan the most awaited party of my life and also send a message to  didi that the only constant thing in life is change and things will change for good.

The Bollywood

Didi and I love Bollywood. We would sit for hours watching movies and that too of all genres, from art to commercial to South Indian dubbed action. So, nothing can make her happier than Bollywood. Dress code will be Bollywood and so will be decoration. Return gift will be DVDs of classic Hindi movie.

Didi tera dewar dewana song from Hum Aapke Hai Kaun

To surprise didi, I will dance to the tunes of Didi tera dewar deewana, the ultimate godhbharai song and our very own favourite. When we were teenagers we would practice on this song for hours. This is sure to bring back all our happy memories.

The Biryani

We are from Lucknow, the place famous for its quintessential Mughlai cuisine. Close to our house in Lucknow was this famous Biryani joint, Dastarkhan. Now a brand name but back in those days, this small joint that served the ultimate biryani and all our pocket-money was well spent. This waiter who was nicknamed Tipu sultan, for he had huge rolled over moustache smiled every time we were there and coyly asked for a leg piece and extra chutney. There is something special about Dastarkhan ki biryani.


Now we stay in Delhi and it will be a bit difficult to get biryani from Lucknow but without it the party will be incomplete. So right here in Delhi, I will recreate the same taste of biryani with ITC’s Kitchen of India.

The menu will be:

I pray and wish that I get to organize this party soon. This is just not just a party; it is victory of hope and life.

This blog is an entry to Indiblogger’s, #My Gourmet Party contest by ITC ‘s Kitchen of India.


14 thoughts on “The 3B Party – Baby, Biryani and Bollywood

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