The New Year Resolution – Travel finds it’s rightful place finally

Firstly, wish you all a very Happy new year!

Don’t blame me for wishing late. I need a weekend to blog and this is the first weekend of the year. Well, finally I am ready with my New Year resolution list and guess what? Travel finds its due respect. I had been postponing traveling every year; the reason usually something or the other; mostly lame. Then I read an article which raised an important question: When will you travel? When you are old and unable to.

An eye opener, I decided to chalk down my travel dreams.

Celebrating 9 years of togetherness

Every year, on my marriage anniversary I would be happy with a gift and a fine dinner but not this year. So, my first travel sponsor of the year is HUBBY DEAR. I wish to go to Greece, a country with the unparalleled combination of history, romance, beaches, old charm towns, mountains and beauty.

Hubby: You better start looking for flight tickets. No excuses.

Mystical Greece

Mystical Greece (Copyright: Wikimedia Commons)

Valentine’s Day with my Dad

I love the concept of Valentine’s Day. What’s the harm in celebrating a day and making efforts for your loved ones? I am so done with the clichés: Why single out a day when you can love every day. However, the truth is that in this fast paced life you are hardly left with any time to express. So Valentine day is totally justified.

I still remember, I was young and I didn’t have a boyfriend back then and felt left out when nobody gave me a gift; peer pressure you see. My dad sensed my frustration and explained to me, it’s just not about the boyfriend – girlfriend thing on Valentine, I love you and so do you. And believe me, till this day, dad is the first one to wish me on Valentine Day.

This valentine day I want to celebrate with my dad. He is a deeply religious man and is planning to go to Pashupathinath temple in Nepal from quite some time. I will give him a surprise and plan a trip to Nepal. And yes, I must go to Pokhran. I have been told that if there is something beautiful in Nepal, it is Pokhran.

Love you dad

Love you dad

No fooling around this time of the year – Appraisal Time

Let me work please, March to April is the crucial time. It’s appraisal time. The truth is MakeMy Trip is the main sponsor of all my travel dreams. I need a salary. Period.

Happy Birthday to me

I want to do something different this June on my birthday. I want to go with my girlfriends to Thailand. I want to enjoy, full on Masti. Why should boys have all the fun?

Don’t get ideas! Thailand has some very beautiful and offbeat places like Koh Samui, Ko Pha Ngan, Phuket, and Phi Phi Island.

Just backpack, spend leisurely time and roam around aimlessly and eat lots of prawns. I love prawns.

How about a prawn cake?

I looooove prawns

I looooove prawns

The Bong hype during Durga Puja in Kolkata

I have never been to Kolkata during Durga Puja. Unbelievable! I know. This year I will satisfy my Bong urge to be in Kolkata for the biggest event of the year, Durga Puja. Feel the essence of Puja, be a part of the festivities, dress up and hop from one pandal to another.. ah! And behave like a stereotypical Bong…love to do that.

End of the year – Bid adieu

Last year I celebrated 31st night in a royal way in one of the palaces in Bikaner, watching fireworks holding hubby’s hand in the backdrop of majestic building.

The year before that we celebrated amidst the hills of Kasuli with bonfire and Pahari songs.

So this year, a hatrick of celebration is a must. Soumen and I are in love with Goa and then there is the famous sunburn festival around year-end. I want to dance all night long on 31 st and end the year holding hands under moonlight on a beach.

 and welcome the new year

And welcome the new year

P.S thoughts

Don’t smile sarcastically. I know what you are thinking. Where will you get money for all this? Speaking realistically, I might not be able to stick to all the travel dreams (even fulfilling 2 of them is good enough). Atleast now I won’t have the excuse ; “oh, I planned so late, now the flight bookings are so damn expensive,” and end result: The trip is cancelled.These are dreams and now that I am clear about them at the beginning of the year, it’s a good start in itself.

What are your travel resolutions, where will you dream to go this year?


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