My realizations during back twist. ..bed rest period

I twisted my back sunday morning, cudn’t move at all was restricted to bed in a particular angle. Took help even to turn n was drinking water with straw…i guess u can now visualize my pathetic situation. Because i m writing from my android mobile, i’ll note my feelings in points, otherwise u can trust me for writing a dramatic story. ..guzarish type

1. Life halts badly

2. Reinvented hubby’s love, care n dedication

3. Realized how important office is n yes work is worship…without work how dull life is

4. Friends, yes they called n every call made me glad, life was not that bad after all…thanks to loads of wishes on Facebook and  Twitter. Well I also realized its good to be active on social media…very helpful in such times.

5. Learnt to handle parents. …they got super anxious….context is my dad is retiring this sunday n a huge party is arranged…but parents they just love you too much esp when they’re a lil old…so dad is so upset that he wud cancel the party….and i had brought a saree for party as well…sigh…what timing for back twist

6. How can i forget my MIL, SIL, BIL all of them so cooperative in my ILL, don’t  miss the rhyme here

7. My sis who wud shout at me for not calling her….just kept on making worried calls….eureka. SHE LOVES ME

8. Last but not the least, my maids were sooooo cooperative…can I hear some clapping here

Well, dont judge me reading this…I am killing time and am also under sedative meds….and yes how can I end without  a piece of gyan….if u fall ill, its not that bad afterall….u’ll reinvent lots of things and most importantly I also realized that fan needs to be cleaned!!!!


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