Go Organic – Series I

I have recently realized the importance of going organic on micro level for improvement of my and family’s family and on macro level for the society as a whole. The changes you make are small and effects amazing. I know the common notion with Go organic is that –it is a pricey option, only for the rich and affluent – let us analyze this in detail a little or may be you can say, let me convince you –  If you are a person with average income and good level of awareness, you will understand that Go organic is a matter or conscious choice and a lifestyle that is developed slowly and steadily because you are always conscious ( here a point to remember is, not to go to extremes of consciousness, because ultimately we are in India, and need to make compromises sometimes)

To start with, a simple thing like “STOP/REDUCE  USE OF PLASTIC BAGS” instead use cloth bags. Initially, I would not understand this logic, plastic bags seemed to be so easily available and equally easily disposable . In fact, I had a separate cloth bag behind my kitchen door to collect plastic bags and use them whenever required. Well, now things are changed for me, I need not lecture you on why plastic bags are bad  etc etc…because all of us know that, have heard it umpteen number of times…but trust me, what is difficult is to change your habit.

Now I have a cloth shopping bag, smart n chic…with SAVE THE WORLD kind of thing written on it…and it matches my jeans also……u know what, when you carry such a shopping bag and ask the shopkeeper not to give you plastic bag and put forward the chic cloth shopping bag, it always makes a style statement, people are sure to notice …..so on lighter side you make a fashion statement and get noticed and on a serious note, you might make people think a little on the issue and even if one person changes, quite a lot is achieved.

These cloth shopping bags are cool n smart, you can match them with your dress, design them out of anything you wish to…go designer. They are very economical, sturdy, can be washed and ready for reuse………..and to top it all, they are very environmental friendly.  All you need is to be conscious, make a small effort and carry them when going shopping or just keep one in-car and one in your purse. It need to make such small changes, think about.


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