Mirror Mirror on the wall, who has the toughest job of all

Whenever I am on the road and see a traffic policeman amidst, all the pollution, sun and rain rendering his job, I kind of feel like this. I know there is ill fame for them – traffic police don’t do their job properly, they try to fleece money etc etc…..but come to think of it, if we just focus on the nature of their job, I think they have the hardest job.

Working in heavy pollution itself notches them to the top list. When we are in traffic, we tend to pull up the car windows to avoid pollution but they are standing right there throughout the day, day after day. It was raining heavily the other day and traffic police man was just there in half rain coat. To top up the difficulty level of job, their salary is meagre as compared to other services and according to a research survey, a good number of traffic policemen suffer from lung diseases, reducing their average mortality rate.

Risk of life, lower salary and all this coupled with lesser or no respect of the job by general society standards…hmmm I guess these points make the job toughest of all.

I can not imagine myself standing on the road giving directions, even for an hour!  Well, I have decided to give them more respect from now onwards…..


2 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who has the toughest job of all

  1. Richa Singh says:

    Respect only for the job…… I guess….??
    Because they haven’t left anything else for respect….. they themselves have forgotten what RESPECT means……. these days even if they are talking to women…. their respect level is so lowered…… you just feel like slapping them…… which is an offence………….
    Hmmmmm sure they do have a very tough job……. which only a few subordinate traffic policemen follow….. the rest are either resting and enjoying cold drinks or counting challan received money…… and troubling people just to overcome the targets they have


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