Being a housewife is not a measuring rod of personality

I am a full-time housewife and a part-time professional, and I am not embarrassed about it nor do I need to justify my choice or feel like a second grade citizen, who stands much lower to the multitasking, super efficient professional women in the hierarchy of status.

I hate to answer this question ” So how do you keep yourself busy…must be getting quite bored na

I don’t want to cover my being a housewife or give an undignified excuse; “Oh my kids don’t leave me with enough time these days, otherwise before my child’s birth I was working.”

Hello! Why should I cover it up.

I feel like giving them a piece of mind; “Listen I am not wasting my time or getting bored or living an undignified , speck of dirt life, just because I am a housewife”. I have my priorities sorted out. I will work as per my choice and passion. It is not always important to pick up a 9-5 high Glam job.I am a teacher, I love my job! I multitask as a content writer, I do lots of blogging and experiment with so many new ideas and explore things unlike you who sticks to one job, leaves her kids with maids and then perpetually lives a hypocrite confused life.”

Ok I am not against women who work, I have high regards for them. All I want is, do not measure  smartness and personality of a woman based on the undignified common notion of  “Oh , a housewife” .

Here I recall an incident: This was the time when I was working. I had a weird fear of travelling alone in an airplane. A relative of mine tried to cheer me up by saying; ” Hey! Don’t behave like a typical housewife. You are much smarter”

WTH! Is this the generic notion in society, housewife is unsmart, dependent women?

I think I am content, my family is happy and I  work at my free will. I have both money and job satisfaction.Isn’t it a good bargain? Work from home.

What do you think?



6 thoughts on “Being a housewife is not a measuring rod of personality

  1. Zubair Masoodi says:

    While you seem to be drawing parallels between a housewife and a professional women, setting up a tone of taking pride in being a housewife and concluding with asking the readers to comment on bargain of work from home, I will make my attempt to put it straight and hold a candle to dignify a housewife for I believe that no pay check in this world can buy the satisfaction, fulfillment, and enjoyment that an ordinary housewife who is treated as a nonexistent segment of 21st century can bring to a family. I may be perceived to be cynical but I am NOT.

    We are four brothers brought up by a mother, a housewife not much formally educated but the one who taught us the moral values and she never had to say us “I can’t make it, I have to work.” She refused to take up a job she was offered post marriage that could have made her economically self reliant but she took up the challenge of becoming a housewife and proved to world that being a house wife, she could better educate her children and be more social than her professional counterparts who seem to be always showing up signs of anxiety and psychosomatic symptoms.

    Our family could always eat healthier, we never had to pay for laundry and at the same time she attained a significant position in the society as well as in the family and remained utterly spiritual being a home mom. What a privilege!

    So to say it’s the work that gives women their due place in the society makes us more anti -social in the sense of psychopathy. So being a housewife is not a measuring rod of personality but a great matter of pride and honour to be a housewife and cosmetic personalities doesn’t have a lasting stand.

    So, learn to do these things without the apprehension of what other people will think or say. It just doesn’t matter. It’s all about finding the path in life that most benefits you and the people you love.

    You are meant to live an amazing life!

    Zubair Masoodi


  2. My thoughts for work from home:

    All my life I had been working as full-time, the typical 9-6 jobs and now since last 2 months I am working from home. I personally feel that working from home is much better option as it gives me the opportunity to think about my self and work according to my own mood and priorities. When I have some urgent work for the family, I am available and when I am asked for a client meeting, I am available for that too. I am able to manage both with my own flexibility and I am enjoying this.

    While working full-time, I was missing my life, my family as I hardly get time for home and husband. Now I have enough time and I enjoy my work from home routine 🙂


    • So nicely put Sukhpreet and this is true for lot of women. However, the main problem in this case is that there is not many opportunities and money and freelance work. And women who contribute substantially to household income, can’t take this chance. So, freelance work is for the elite who are financially secure….thought?


  3. Aku dah lamaaaa buanget gak non bola… apalagi sekarang idolaku dah tuwek…tuwek.. tapi masih lumayan sih… terutama itu tuh.. si ganteng dan imut Raul Gonzales dari Spanyol… dan si ganteng dari Portugal Louis Figo… tapi kalo team Inggris, aku pilih Arsenal ajalah soalnya ada si dia… yang mainnya elok Fabregas dari sp32#ol&y82a0;&#8n30; tul gak…tul gak… aku nonton pilih-yang pemainnya ngguanteng-ngguanteng je…he..he


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