Driver License— seems like a farce

Have you ever thought why there is an ever-increasing rate of road accidents…I am sure you must have, but what set me really thinking today was a scene at driving license office, the RTO….people who were registered with a driving school were blatantly flouting rules with help of these half learned, self-proclaimed masters of driving schools …to the extreme extent of writing computer exam on behalf of them…and when it was turn of practical driving test….it was a farce again. If they pass people like this in driving license test, I am out of my wits to think how many callous drivers are there on road….yamduts themselves. We have so many more Salman Khan’s on the road!

I hope only this RTO was lazy and RTO’s of other places are strict and upright with their job…..yes I can only hope……..and so can all of us that we are not hit on road by a driver who has been given license by such a RTO….well, just a thought ….do these RTO’s have any conscience and on a lighter side just imagine a situation when such an RTO my Mr L( Mr. Learner license) is hit himself and he shouts “Don’t you know how to drive properly…bloody hell…who gave you the it to me, I will seize it”…………….and the driver says “Sir , you gave me the license” and then I , the writer will say “Does this put some sense in you in Mr. L” hmmm…quite a sadist pleasure for the writer…..


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